Your Baby is your most Precious thing that you have got and training it to potty is something that should be done right.




Toilet training regression can occur due to several circumstances. One of the chief cause of this relapse is simply the development regression. If you take a look back at your child’s development at the various stages since childbirth you are likely to remember instances where your child seemed to back track after making a huge developmental leap forward. This is completely natural and but at the same time it can be very frustrating. However it is vital to keep calm and avoid expressing negativity outwardly towards your child. It just another stage in life and it will soon pass.

Another reason for potty regression is when a child is faced with stress. This may occur immediately after moving into a new home or even when the child changes school. Other times regression in children can be caused if a new born arrives in the family. Marital chaos is also another cause of potty training regression in children. These stress felt by the child are commonly represented outwardly in regression. None the less it is advisable for parents to give these children the time and space to adjust to these major changes in their lives. It is also recommended that the parents should keep the potty training pressure off their children as much as possible during these trying times.

Toilet training regression is very normal and quite common in most potty training children. As soon as you discover that your child is suffering, stop everything and take a breather. By doing this you are able to keep at bay the frustrations that you are the parent is going through. Most of the times before children start relapsing there must have been a few heated words exchange and the children now have the idea that Mommy or Daddy is not pleased with their training performances.

Another reason for a regression could either be rooted in a psychological problem or could even be a medical problem. While doctors could investigate the medical reasons better, here are a few tips which could help you to counter potty training regression in your kid in case it has stemmed from an emotional upset.

Be Patient
Patience is the most basic requirement for effective potty training. Refrain from creating a fuss over accidents then and try to stay calm. Instead of punishing the kid for the accident, mention briefly that it should better be repeated in the washroom next time and simply clean up the mess.

Say No to Diapers
Potty training regression does not necessarily have to be accompanied with regression to the use of diapers again. If the child gets adapted to diapers, it would be doubly tough to prevent himfrom using the potty.

Counter Potty Training Regression By Acting An Emotional Cushion
At times, children have fear of leaving their activity or being expelled from a playgroup if they take time out for potty. Relief them and reassure them that you would not let their favorite toy being taken away from them until they return. This would make him feel secure and he would not shy away from going to the washroom.

 Keep note of routines
Take a note of the timings when accidents happen and reach to a pattern. This would arm you better in countering potty training regression as you would now be able to persuade your kid to use the potty at the right time.

Be Praiseful of his efforts
Lastly, do not let your praise for the child's efforts to die away as he learns the task. Make it a point to let him know that he has done a commendable job by using the potty. Your acknowledgment would coax him to do even better.