Your Baby is your most Precious thing that you have got and training it to potty is something that should be done right.


Once Upon a Potty

 Once Upon a Potty
Once Upon a Potty is a children’s story book about a mother who is trying to potty train her son. It tries to show parents the different hurdles and obstacles she had to pass through together with her son and how eventually they succeeded.

Once upon a potty is the best companion to a child’s new potty. Written and illustrated by Alona Frankel in the early 1970s.  She wrote the book when she was potty training her first. Alona wrote the book “Once Upon a Potty” so it could encourage and motivate her son during the potty training process and it proved to work since her boy child made the developmental leap from the diapers to the potty.

There is a lot to love about Once Upon a Potty story book. The start with, the bright and eye catching illustrations that are contained in the book. The language used is very clear and simple for the children’s better understanding.  

If you frustrated at the end of a long day cleaning up the mess and changing pants every now and then , then you need to go grab this book now. The best way to reduce the “accidents” is by using the simple and clear language used in the book and more often repeating the kind words that Joshua’s mother is saying to her son in the book. This process followed to the later will help a frustrated parent keep her cool and they will never say that potty training is hard.

Once upon a potty is a story book that shows how a child has “accidents” occasionally but will eventually succeed in using the potty properly. It also contains words that will help the parent explain to her children that the new potty is not something to be scared of. Once upon a potty is by far the best potty training book for both boys and girls children.

Once upon a potty is loved by many boys and girls. It is a book they will enjoy reading and it makes potty training easier. The book has G rated pictures of the different body parts that are used when the children want to pee or poop.

Once upon a potty is a fun book for both the small children and their caregivers. The girl’s version talks about a pretty little girl called Prudence.  She just got her new potty and is in the process of learning how to use it.  With the brightly coloured illustrations which are both friendly and fascinating, girls who have this book will never let it go out of their sight.
The existence of the explicit depictions of body parts, excrement and urine enhances the educational value of the book.

Once upon a potty has also the boy’s version whose main star is Joshua. While the parent or the  caregiver reads the book to the boy child, he will try and relate himself to “Joshua”  and also he will try to do the same things that Joshua does. Reading this book to your child will ensure the smooth transition from diaper to potty a successful event.