Your Baby is your most Precious thing that you have got and training it to potty is something that should be done right.


Learn how To Potty Train A Pitbull Puppy

 Learn how To Potty Train A Pitbull Puppy
The most stress-free method to potty train when you have a puppy is to take them outside every fifteen minutes. This is especially after they have eaten or drank. Puppies are known to pass food and water through their system very fast. Encourage your puppy to relieve himself each time you go outside. You could try using commands such as “Bathroom” to encourage them. Cheer and clap for them after they have had a successful go and this will make them happy as pit bull puppies love attention

You will have to learn your puppy’s body language. Watch their every move and if you see them entering the house this is the precise moment for you to ruin any want they have to go inside. If you ever catch your pitbull in the act, the most appropriate way to deter them from finishing their business or ever doing it again is by making really loud daunting noise to freak them out. This will create a sense in them to always think twice before going inside the house. You could also grab them and run them outside and immediately command them to “Go Bathroom “and soon after cheer them to finish what they started. Clap for them and show them love. All smart dogs appreciate positive reaction rather than the negative ones.

Most people will advise pit bull owners to hit their puppies or even scold them. On my side I would not say I necessarily concur with that. Just say to the puppy “Bad Boy” and he will know that whatever he did is not correct and in he will not repeat it in future. If you also get him in the act, ensure that you take him outside immediately and give him the chance to do the correct thing.

Here below ae some tips you should follow to ensure that potty training your pit bull does not stress you or your puppy.

First and foremost, locate a spot outside your home where your pit bull should be relieving himself. I would prefer the backyard. Put him there and let him become familiarized with the place.

Secondly, confine him to a small area within your home. The best place to do this is near this sleeping area, this is because he will find it less appropriate to relieve himself there. The confinement encourages being able to hold his urge to poo or pee and eventually teach him bladder and bowel control.

Thirdly, when your pup is excessively sniffing on the ground, this should immediately tell you that he wants to urinate. Take him outside to his designated spot and let him relieve himself. It is also good to ensure that you keep watch of this signs because if the puppy is young then he has little or less control over his bladder and may end up causing a mess in the house. 
The fourth step is to reward your pit bull with praise or even a treat. Play with him and show him attention so he may be able to associate his actions with positive experience and he will be more likely to repeat these good actions.
Set up a doggy door that leads to his designated relieve spot. This will help in reducing the number of house accidents if he can go out on his own.
Never punish your pit bull if he relieves himself in the house. Hitting or scolding your pup is not an effective way to correct this behavior. Try to correct him and always telling him “No” in a clear stern voice.
Always clean and freshen any urine or feces inside the house as soon as the accidents occur. If this is not done, then the pup will relieve himself again on the same spot.
 Finally, carry on praising your pit bull’s good behavior and keep on correcting the bad until he no longer has accidents inside the house.